Intro The story of Anon. is deeply embedded in the art and soul of Bangladesh. The glorious and rich history of weaving and weavers in the Bengal region has drawn the attention of people all around the world for centuries. Bengali weavers or Tantis and craftsmen-alike were highly sought after by the west, as well as their hand-woven fabric that was only exclusive to the region. Although fashion has changed since then, Bengalis stay on top.

Today, Bangladesh exports over $30 billion worth of apparels to the best retail brands around the world. It is also the home to the highest number of platinum-rated production facilities in the world. Not only have local manufacturers developed highly critical skills and competencies, but are also aware and adaptive of their role in global climate change and business management ethics. There is no doubt that Bangladesh has made leaps in process innovation, quality-control and environmental management in the industry over the past decade; however, affordable value-added fashion has only taken steps in local retail.

Anon. Atelier is a modern-contemporary fashion design studio that designs and develops chic and aesthetic clothing and accessories. Inspired by the Japanese, the core philosophy of Anon. is grounded on authenticity, minimalism, quality and value - right from product design to customer service. Anon. is in collaboration with some of the highest rated garment production factories in the country and explores various concepts in ready-made garments that has put Bangladesh at the top of a global industry.

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